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Watch a 3D live show with any of the follows VR Headsets: Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest (soon!), HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Google DayDream, Windows MR or Samsung GearVR.

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She W0lf

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Interested in: Everybody
From: Mexico
Languages: English, Spanish
Age: 26 years old
Body type: Petite
Specifics: Tattoos, Piercing, SmallTits, Shaven
Ethnicity: White
Hair: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Subculture: Romantic

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Mya Kalifa

Small profile image of Mya Kalifa

Interested in: Men
From: United Kingdom, London
Languages: English, German
Age: 19 years old
Body type: Curvy
Specifics: BigAss, BigTits, Tattoos, Piercing, Shaven
Ethnicity: White
Hair: Black
Eye colour: Hazel
Subculture: Romantic

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Small profile image of Atika

Interested in: Men
From: Romania, Bucharest
Languages: English
Age: 24 years old
Body type: Athletic
Specifics: BigAss, Shaven, SmallTits
Ethnicity: White
Hair: Other
Eye colour: Green
Subculture: Mistresses

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Julie Loves U

Small profile image of Julie Loves U

Interested in: Everybody
From: Canada
Languages: English
Age: 22 years old
Body type: Curvy
Specifics: BigAss, BigTits, Tattoos, Piercing, Shaven
Ethnicity: White
Hair: Black
Eye colour: Hazel
Subculture: Romantic

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English French German Italian Spanish Russian Gamers Glamour Romantic Student
Athletic Blonde Big Ass Big Tits Blue Eyes Curvy Petite Piercing Red Hair Shaven Small Tits Tattoos

It's all about Live VR Porn!

Live VR Porn just got real.... With Stripchat you can talk to live girls (or boys, housewives, trans etc) while using your virtual reality headset, the quality is amazing and pretty much indistinguishable from any of the large files you download from a vr porn site.

You can join and watch for free but if you want some privacy or the ability to give tokens you'll need to spend some of your hard earned cash, what you get in return is entirely up to the VR CamGirl (or CamPerson!), if you check out our VR Streamers page you'll get an idea of what you can get in return for spending the tokens. Have fun and be safe and polite! x

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What people are saying about Sex Chat VR

LOOOL, the gril looked right at me and I freaked out, I think this is probably the most fun I've ever had in VR!
TildonNo5 (Oculus Go)

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"Jesus fucking christ, it was really intense while I got used to seeing her so close..
..and right up in my face. Was the best live vr porn experience I've ever had! :D"
Edward D (Oculus Rift)

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"LOL! the quality of video is better then i expected, really good stuff"
SamK1989 (Oculus Go)

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"Had to wait for the wifey to go for a girlies weekend but the wait was worth it!
The quality of this vr sex is far better than I thought it was going to be and worked really good on the oculus go"
Tom (Oculus Go)

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no idea how I found sex chat vr but I'm glad I did!
I got my oGo for Christmas and was looking for live vr stuff, this totally did the job haha :P
Billy2Legs (HTC Vive)

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My live vr porn sex chery has been popped! Thanks for guiding me thru the process of getting set up on my oculus go! Will defo come back to this :D
EaglesThrowAway (Oculus Rift)

What is VR porn and why is it different to normal porn?

VR porn is stereoscopic - this means that instead of you focusing both eyes on one screen (without vr and just looking at your tv or monitor), but instead you have a screen for each eye delivered via a vr headset, each image is slightly different and this gives us the '3D' view and the perception of depth.

Each video stream or recording is done with a lens similar to a fish-eye lens. The camera (/lens) records in all directions within a 180 degree semi-sphere (it outputs something like below), which due to the lens looks all distorted around the edges.

Example photo of a fisheye lens image
Example Fish Eye lens: Credit Wikipedia

The software (Gizmo player for example) will 'correct' these distortions and wrap the video around your eyes by using Fresnel lenses.

Because of the way the lenses work (magic!) you are able to look left/right and up/down during the video stream or playback.

Example photo of a fresnel lens
Example Fresnel lens: Credit bhphotovideo

That's basically it (alright, there is much more to it but we hope you get the idea ;)) Go check out Oculus VR and HTC Vive to see how the major top VR headsets compare. For Live VR Porn viewing? Check out the Oculus Go.

Us lot at sexchatvr.live really like vr porn! We have been big vrheads ever since the launch of the Oculus DK1 (a vr developer kit from waaaay back in 2013). We always believed that VR was going to be "the next big thing", it's still not quite there yet but it is unstoppable and it is going to be massive, it will be the last and most immersive way to view video content.

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