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Quick shout out to eroticage.net

Had a great chat with the owner of eroticage.net and they have agreed to link us up, if  you're a fan of old-school classic porn then go check out eroticage.net

Posted: 2019-11-28 - permlink

Hola! Sex Chat Live in Spanish (work in progress)

We seem to have quite a following with our Spanish friends so we have started to translate the entire site to español! It's mostly there so if you prefer to see our site in Spanish then go check it out! :)  https://es.sexchatvr.live/


Posted: 2019-11-17 - permlink

Sex Chat now available on the Oculus Quest!

GizmoVR player is now available for the Oculus Quest!

You can't install via the Oculus home shop but the process is fairly straight forward.

Installation Guide For Windows 10

Prerequisites - Go to Oculus Settings on your phone → Tap your headset which is shown in Settings → More settings → Developer mode → turn Developer Mode on


1) Connect your Oculus Quest via USB to your computer

Make sure ONLY the Oculus Quest is connected. If you have any other Android devices such as a smartphone or tablet connected then disconnect them.

2) Download the application zip file from GizmoVR's website

3) Extract the files somewhere onto your computer. Open the 'GizmoVR_Win' folder and run 'install.cmd'

4) When the installation begins, make sure USB debugging for your Oculus Quest is allowed inside it. It may ask you to grant access twice. In the installation window, it has to say “Success” before the phrase that the app has been installed, otherwise run "install.cmd" again

5) Unplugged the Oculus Quest from the USB.

6) In the headset open your library and select 'unknown sources'.

7) Find and run the 'GizmoVR' application (com.GizmoVR.Virtual.Reality.Videos.GearVR). 

Enjoy!! :D

If you need help then please use our contact form to get in touch. 

Posted: 2019-09-15 - permlink

Quest support coming soon (ish)

I contacted GizmoVR to enquire about Oculus Quest support, and it's coming! I didn't get any further information on how it's going to work but I'm interested to see what six degrees of freedom could possibly bring to watching live sex in VR.

Videos currently are recorded from one point of view, so you won't be able to move your head around and see the cam girls from a different position. When light field technology starts making its appearance then you will be able to move with some freedom, only to a certain degree through depending on the width and height of the camera array.

Let's see what StripChat have planned, VR porn with 6Dof will be amazing and we can't wait to see it! :D

Posted: 2019-06-13 - permlink

You wait all year for a headset..

Oculus Quest!

It's official! The Oculus Quest headset is now available for pre-order! The Quest is the third headset in the VR headset lineup from Facebook. Unlike the Oculus Rift, it has no cables, unlike the Oculus Go it has six degrees of freedom (6Dof).

The 64GB version will set you back €449, the 128GB version €549, both include free shipping if purchased via Oculus themselves. The headsets are both aimed toward gamers but like the Oculus Go, the Quest will also allow content to be side-loaded (untrusted third-party content via USB).

We expect that 6Dof CGI porn games will be a thing this year and we can't wait to see what homegrown content will be available once the headsets are in the developer's hands. Anyone who preordered on day one should have their's arrive at the end of May or early June. You can check out an Oculus Quest review by Tested on Youtube.

Valve Index!

aaaand it's official! Blimey, another headset! Valve announced their new headset called Index. Aside from higher resolution and a great form-factor, it boasts a pretty amazing 144Hz display. So we have the potential of watching VR porn at 144Fps and that is going to be amazing!

It comes at a fairly hefty price tag though, not even including a PC the entire kit will set you back around $1000 for the headset, controllers and base station. We don't know how it will pan out between these two leaders but we're just happy to see the competition still healthy and pushing VR to the max. You can check out a review by Tested with the Valve Index on Youtube.

This year is going to be great for VR porn, and gaming, and we love both!! :D

Posted: 2019-05-01 - permlink

Save 10% on an Oculus Go or Oculus Rift

Would you like to save 10% on an Oculus Go (32Gb or 64Gb) or an Oculus Rift?

Well just hit us up via the contact form specifying which Oculus you would like (don't forget to mention you're contacting us for the discount!) and we will get straight on it.

We have five a month to give away! :D

Posted: 2019-04-18 - permlink

The growth of VR Sex Chat

It's crazy to think that in only the space of a couple of months the list of girls that stream in VR has grown incredibly fast! During the first week or two of monitoring StripChat, Sex Chat VR only amassed half a dozen streamers. We are now already up to nearly 50 VR camgirls! 

If you are an avid user of porn and haven't checked out camgirls in VR then you really should, after watching them in VR you'll never go back to a flatscreen monitor. For less than $200 you can get an Oculus Go which is by far the most popular way to view live VR porn. Once you have a decent VR headset you can download the free Gizmo VR player to watch the girls live in VR. The only headset that is going to beat the Oculus go will need a higher refresh rate and higher resolution, but we don't believe anything will beat it for a while yet.

Webmasters and VR Models.

Live VR porn is going to grow substantially in 2019 and we are proud to be at the forefront of promoting it. If you are a webmaster or a model interested in getting into live VR porn then StripChat is certainly the place to be. StripChat is highly converting for sales, and VR users are keen to see (and pay) more. 

As previously mentioned we have added crisp chat to our website, so if you need any guidance then just feel free to chat to us or leave us a message, we will get back to you!

Posted: 2019-04-17 - permlink

Support via Crisp!

Sorry, it's been a while since the blog was updated! Sex Chat Live is still going strong and we're continuing to update the VR Streamers pretty much on a daily basis, it's crazy to see the number of girls now streaming in VR.

We have added Crisp to the site, you should see the icon at the bottom right of the website, this has been added so we can help anyone that needs assistance in joining this awesome world of chatting to live girls in virtual reality.  We can't promise someone will be online all the time but you can leave a message for us and someone will get in touch if you have any questions about how this all works. 


Posted: 2019-04-13 - permlink

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