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Posted: 2020-10-20

The Oculus Quest 2 is here, and it is amazing!

The Oculus Quest 2 is made for VR porn! We recieved ours recently and the quality just blew us away. You can find out more information on this beautiful headset directly on the Oculus website.  

Comments from Reddit just go to show how excited new and old users of VR feel about the Ouest 2 when watching vr porn.

"The screen quality is much better. Even 4K videos are cool. 6K are fantastic!!! That's a killer headset!!!"

"buddy the fucking screen is insane"

"i am officially blown away at the quality"

"it is next level clear"

They go on and on... :D

Looking to get into VR Sex Chat? - Gizmo VR and the Oculus Quest 2 are a match made in heaven <3

The first thing we obvously did was to get Gizmo VR up and running so we could check out the live vr porn, the quality is stunning and great step up from the Oculus Quest original (although we still love that headset too). The most incredible thing though is the price-point, the Oculus Quest 2 (64Gb) starts at just 349€ or 449€ for a whopping 256Gb of memory. 


Posted: 2020-08-09

NSFW VR Subreddits

NSFW VR Subreddits Did you know that there's a whole bunch of communities on Reddit that are related to VR Porn? If not then you're missing out on a lot of great information, discussion, adult VR gaming, and much more. We have gathered up a list of the top subReddits for you to check out.

Oculus NSFW
This subreddit is the go-to place for all VR Porn. Be respectful to each other and keep the place civilized. There will be a zero tolerant policy for insults, spammers, and rule-breakers.


We are currently working to verify the studios/producers/creators and affiliates that post here. Members with "Official" flair are representatives of the studios they represent and you're encouraged to contact them for questions about their sites.


Members with "Affiliate" flair Do Not represent the studios they are posting about and have a direct financial incentive for posting their links. Posting limits will be set for affiliates. Please be sure to report affiliates posting links that do not give whats represented.


All Studios/Affiliates must contact the Mods only through ModMail. First to verify the account and then for any other messages. Do not contact them personally.


If you have any problems feel free to ask our friendly community and become a part of


Posted: 2020-07-07

Oculus Go to be discontinued, is it still worth getting one for VR Porn?

In short, yes! At least we think so.

The Oculus Go offers the best bang-for-buck when it comes to VR porn consumption. You'll no longer be able to buy the Oculus Go via Oculus themselves but you'll still find them on eBay, Amazon, etc.

Support and patches will continue through 2022 but the store will stop accepting games and apps in December 2020.

For viewing downloaded VR porn videos you'll only need the built-in video player and a USB cable to send the videos over. GizmoVR will still be available on the store and it's so stable we doubt there will be any updates for it anyway.

The Oculus Go is, in our opinion, still the best option if you're buying a headset for either Live VR porn or downloaded VR porn videos. The large lenses, high pixel density, comfort, and portability just make it a whole better HMD for media and porn. If you have any questions use our contact form to get in touch. 

We hope everyone is staying safe! Wear the damn mask!! :D x


Posted: 2020-04-23

Sex Chat Live featured on PornGrabbz Top 10 Porn List

We are super stoked to have been voted No 4 on @PornGrabbz Top 10 Porn Site Reviews list!

Check out the full list on the link below.


Posted: 2020-04-23

Ideas for new websites during COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 there has been an increase (and decrease) of global searches of particular terms, we found this both interesting but also a good opportunity for new website ideas.

Now is a great time to create a website related to any of these terms and we have saved a little time by creating a list of some of the most affected search terms, and a link to a website we like on the subject.

NOTE: These links are not affiliated with Sex Chat Live. They are NOT endorsements. The links are NOT to be taken as medical advice endorsed by Sex Chat Live. These are just to give out some idea for potential website opportunities,. 

DIY Haircut: Increase of 766%

Without being able to go outside, consumers are increasingly self-reliant for things like haircuts.

10 Ways to Cut Your Own Hair - How to Give Yourself a Haircut

How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home Like a Pro

Chicken Coop: Increase of 250%

Consumers are increasingly bringing food production into their own hands

Choosing Your Chicken Coop | Gallinas | Guía | Omlet ES

Choosing Your Chicken Coop

Blue Light Glasses: Increase


Posted: 2020-04-08

GizmoVR v1.2.7 Update

General fixes and improvements:

- Photo viewer added

- Bugs fixed

Please share your comments and suggestions!


Get the latest GizmoVR version here:


Oculus Rift:

Google Play:

Oculus Go:

Gear VR:

Check out GizmoVR on Reddit :




Posted: 2020-03-15

Stripchat Offering Free Private Sessions To Stop the Spread of Coronavirus.

Beginning immediately, Stripchat offering free private sessions with hot performers to all new users to the site. The company will provide users with 320 tokens, the equivalent for a regular priced ten-minute private session. Therefore, it will allow users to have an exclusive virtual date with a model of their choice for free. This will help millions of people to remain quarantined and bolster the finances of models who can not travel due to coronavirus restrictions.

“By flooding the system with tokens, we can provide a new stimulus to the adult industry,” says Max Bennet, Vice President of New Media for Stripchat. “There are millions of people who need companionship right now, and we are allowing them to dive into a free virtual date with a model on our platform. We’re subsidizing both models and fans in the interest of saving the adult community.” 

How to take advantage of the offer?

Users without a current Stripchat account should contact, with the subject “COVID.” They will receive further instructions for registra


Posted: 2020-03-12

Erotic stories (2)



~Han POV~

I couldn't move I had no intention of leaving my bed ever since Minho stopped showing me attention and gave all the other members more attention than me, I didn't do anything wrong so I didn't understand what happened maybe he didn't love me anymore. So today I finally stopped sulking and decided to mess with him, first, I thought why not flirt with some of the members just to show him that I didn't care, even though I didn't want to, Minho is the love of my life it hurt seeing him give everyone attention and then ignore me intentionally, but not today. 

I got out of bed and saw Changbin sitting on the sofa with Chan I didn't feel like talking but I want to let them in on my plan so they didn't think differently of me I approached them quietly 

"There's the other 3racha member," Chan said hugging me softly

"Whats up Jisung?" Changbin said looking at me worriedly, I sat in-between them and started to think about my plan

"I don't know if you had noticed but Minho has been ignoring me lately and I'm sick of it, so I decided that I will be flirting with the other members... so if I flirt with you that's why" Chan and Changbin looked at each other they knew something I didn't I shrugged it off and crossed my arms happy with my plan



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