Erotic stories (2)



~Han POV~

I couldn't move I had no intention of leaving my bed ever since Minho stopped showing me attention and gave all the other members more attention than me, I didn't do anything wrong so I didn't understand what happened maybe he didn't love me anymore. So today I finally stopped sulking and decided to mess with him, first, I thought why not flirt with some of the members just to show him that I didn't care, even though I didn't want to, Minho is the love of my life it hurt seeing him give everyone attention and then ignore me intentionally, but not today. 

I got out of bed and saw Changbin sitting on the sofa with Chan I didn't feel like talking but I want to let them in on my plan so they didn't think differently of me I approached them quietly 

"There's the other 3racha member," Chan said hugging me softly

"Whats up Jisung?" Changbin said looking at me worriedly, I sat in-between them and started to think about my plan

"I don't know if you had noticed but Minho has been ignoring me lately and I'm sick of it, so I decided that I will be flirting with the other members... so if I flirt with you that's why" Chan and Changbin looked at each other they knew something I didn't I shrugged it off and crossed my arms happy with my plan


~Time skip~


We were all eating dinner at the table, Minho was sat opposite me so I thought this would be a perfect time to mess with him, I looked over at Chan and winked at him moving my hand to his knee. Minho kicked the table just enough for me to notice, Chan scooted closer to me and moved his hand to my knee, everyone at the table looked at us as if to say ~what are you doing~ everyone knew me and Minho were together so this was unusual. I looked at Minho and I was scared for my life I have never seen anybody as enraged as him in my life but I didn't care it was his choice to start ignoring me 

"Han, can you pass me the salt please," Minho said gritting his teeth 

"Sure babe," I said leaning against the table giving Chan the signal to grab my ass

"Chris!" I said giggling, nobody ever called him Chris so that just caused more stares, Minho looked like he wanted to punch someone. Everyone started to finish up their food which left Chan, Seungmin, Minho and I sitting at the table. Chan started whispering in my ear making me giggle, that's all that Minho could take he got up and grabbed Chan pushing him against the wall a fight broke out causing Woojin to pull Chan away and I pulled Minho away, I realised that I pushed it too far

"You're dead!!!" Minho started shouting at Chan, he walked to his bedroom slamming the door

"Chan I'm so sorry," I said getting a cloth for his busted lip

"Han it's ok I'm fine it doesn't hurt," Chan said holding Woojin's hand

"Yeah plus he looks hot like that" Woojin said smirking at Chan 

"Will you two get a room" Seungmin shouted over, Jeongin came over and hugged me softly apologizing for the outbreak

"It's ok innie it wasn't your fault," I said smiling at him  

I walked to his bedroom and knocked on the door he didn't answer and all I could hear was him crying his eyes out it broke my heart I ran to my bedroom and grabbed his spare key I rushed to his room struggling to even put the key in the door I finally managed to get the key in and what I saw broke my heart he was crying while hugging my hoodie he was hugging it so tight his knuckles were turning white 

"Minho! please don't cry please" I said hugging him tightly he sobbed on my shoulder he looked up to me with teary eyes 

"Don't you love me anymore?" he asked with a shaky voice 

"Baby I love you more than life itself, I'm sorry it's just you've been ignoring me so I thought that I would mess with you a little its all my fault I'm so sor---" he cut me off by kissing me softly and forcefully, he pushed me down on the bed and got on top of me kissing my neck softly 

"F-fuck Minho" he slapped my thigh making me jump slightly 

"No cursing," he said in a deep voice making me groan slightly 

"I can't help it," I said bucking my hips up making him moan against my neck, he brushed his lips against mine teasing me making me whimper, he looked so hot with a bruise on his cheek and his plump lips I threw my head back at the thought making him chuckle 

"What are you thinking about? it's making you ever harder down there I can feel it on my leg" I blushed and looked at him

"I'm thinking about how hot your lips look and your cheek" I ran my hand over his bruise and he hissed kissing me softly, he started rubbing his leg against my erection making me a moaning mess

"Minho......Shit" I gripped his shoulders

"I said no cursing!" he slapped my thigh harder this time

"Daddy!" I moaned covering my mouth as soon as I said it I had never called him that before

"Fuck...say that again!" he said grinding on me harder

"Daddy, don't stop," I said bucking my hips up more, "Daddy please," I said whining

"Please what baby? use your words" he said rubbing my thigh 

"Please use me, make me yours mark me...touch me do everything," I said blushing from embarrassment 

I pulled him down and kissed him tugging at his shirt signalling for him to remove it, he removed his shirt along with mine. I pushed him down and removed both our jeans, I got on top of him wriggling my ass against the bulge in his boxers, he moaned and held my hips

"Mnmn, daddy look how hard you are for me," I said kissing his neck he was melting at my touch and I loved it, I removed my boxers and he removed his, I stood in between his thighs and started palming him painfully slow 

"Jisung don't tease me," he said bucking his hips up, I licked and kissed his tip making him moan softly, he tangled his hands in my hair making me moan against him. He pulled me up and I sat on his hips grinding on him softly 

"Daddy please I need you," I said with pleading eyes, he flipped us over and started to push himself  into me slowly 

"Daddy it hurts," I said gripping his shoulders  

"I know baby it will go away I promise" he kissed my neck to distract me from the slight burning pain

"M-move," I said as he slowly pushed in and out of me 

"F-faster daddy," I said wrapping my legs around his waist, he started going faster moaning and groaning in my ear, he hit a spot that made me scream

"Minho!, Fuck right there!!" he kept aiming at that spot over and over again, he sucked on my neck and held my hips tightly making me groan 

"Daddy don't stop!" he started whispering dirty things in my ear and i ran my nails down his back, he groaned thrusting into me harder each time 

"Daddy I'm close" I moaned into his ear 

"Cum for me baby" he nibbled on my neck and pulled on his hair making him groan

"MINHO OH GOD" I came screaming his name, he kept thrusting into me I moaned from being oversensitive, he soon came inside me pulling out and laying next to me 

"I'm sorry baby I shouldn't have ignored you I was just caught up in a lot," he said snuggling into me 

"It's ok I shouldn't have messed with you we were both in the wrong," I said kissing him softly 

"Oh and if Chan ever touches you like that again I will fuck Woojin" 

"Minho!" i said playfully hitting him

"I'm joking.......maybe"

Posted: 2020-03-12