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Hello! Sorry about the lack of update, we have been really busy. One of our fans submitted an erotic story based on Kpop, let us know if you would like to see more! :D x

3racha Love Triangle


~Han POV~

I stared at the droplets of water running down the shower wall as I practised my rap for "Miroh". Until I heard the bathroom door open, I assumed it was Changbin as he sometimes surprises me like that but I was shocked as it was Chan 

"Chan Hyung what are you doing here?" I asked as I tried to cover myself as best as I could, he looked me up and down and bit his lip softly, he walked in and I backed up, I hissed as my back hit the cold shower wall 

He looked me up and down and stepped closer to me, "W-what are you d-doing? I asked blushing softly, he took me by surprise and attached his lips to my neck I gasped and tried to push him away but failed as I didn't try very hard. 

"Hannie, your skin is so soft" he practically moaned out, I felt him wrap his arms around my waist and he moved closer brushing his leg against my erection intentionally, I moaned softly and moved my neck to give him more room 

"Chan....Hyung we cant, Bin will kill me" I said moaning his name under my breath, "He doesn't have to find out this can be our little secret," he said smirking at me. 

"Aahh Channie you cant mark me..." I said gasping for air he stood in front of me satisfied with what he's done to me, "Too late" he said winking at me, he stepped out the shower and I quickly finished up running to the mirror, I panicked as I saw the marks knowing Changbin won't be happy 


~Time skip~


~Han POV~

I sat on the studio sofa panicking as I watched Changbin writing lyrics with Chan, I stared at my notebook and touched up a few lyrics. I pulled my hat down avoiding to look at Changbin, I played with my pen as Changbin sat next to me

"Why are you avoiding me?" he asked as he moved my hat up so he could look me dead in the eyes, I moved slightly so he couldn't see the marks Chan gave me 

"I'm not avoiding you, I'm just busy writing lyrics," I said holding his hand softly. He looked enraged as he gripped my hand tightly making me squirm in pain, he got closer to me and whispered in my ear 

"Who was it?" he asked gritting his teeth 

"I don't know what you mean," I said as he moved my neck and stared at the marks making me look around nervously 

"Don't lie to me Jisung, you know exactly what I mean. Who was it?" He said tightening the grip on my neck making me moan softly. Chan looked over at me smirking knowing exactly what Changbin was asking me about 

"It was you, Binnie, only you get to touch me like that," I said looking at him getting angrier at the minute

"Well, clearly it wasn't because I never mark you there, so I'm gonna ask you one more time. Who. Was. It. ?" He asked with hints of jealousy in his voice. "Was it Minho?, I always see him stare at you rap, I'm gonna kill him" his grip on my neck tightened and I squirmed slightly 

"No, it wasn't Minho but I always see how Felix stares at you when you rap so you can't be mad at that" as I said that he blushed slightly secretly loving that Felix stares at him so often 

"Don't get cocky Jisung, unlike me you actually let other people touch you?" he said gripping my thigh, I moaned his name quietly so Chan wouldn't hear me I looked at Chan and bit my lip softly 

He looked at me looking at Chan "Was it Chan? I'm not gonna hurt him if it was him" he said staring Chan up and down 

"Hang on a minute....looks like someone marked you too," I said standing up grabbing Changbin and pushing him against the wall, I don't know how it happened but my protective/dominant side came out. He looked so submissive with messy hair and pink cheeks 

"I'm sorry sung, I didn't mean for it to happen," he said stroking my abs softly knowing what effect that had on me, I moved his hands away and sat him on the sofa at that moment Woojin and Felix walked in, I sat down normally as nothing happened 

Woojin took Chan out of the room leaving Felix, Jisung and I in the room together Changbin grabbed my arm tightly and whispered ~don't~ 

Felix bent over to grab something causing Changbin to bite his lip and shift slightly, that made my blood boil, I stood up and grabbed Felix pushing him against the wall it took everything in me to not punch him right then and there 

"Please don't hurt him Jisung," Cangbin said as he stood up to pull us apart, I pushed him back and he fell on the sofa

"Don't move" I ordered and he sat quietly I looked at Felix and he had a slight blush across his cheeks 

"What goes through your head that makes you think you can touch my boyfriend, huh?" I asked standing closer to him our lips only inches apart he let out a groan and I smirked loving the effect I had on him 

"Hannieee" I looked over at Changbin as he squirmed in his seat 

"You don't get to speak," I said as he squirmed even more 

I ran my tongue over Felix's neck and he shivered slightly, he grabbed my shoulders and moaned quietly, I sucked and bit on his neck as he was slowly falling apart 

"Never touch my boyfriend again, got it? he nodded and left the room stumbling slightly 

"Now as for don't let anybody touch you okay?" he nodded and pulled me down attaching his lips to mine softly, it soon turned into a heated make-out session he sat on my lap and started to grind against me

"Looks like daddy has gone all submissive against me," I said kissing his neck softly 

"Don't push it Jisung, I could still take you right here right now"

"Do it then?" I said very bravely as he pushed me down making me moan. He attacked my neck and pulled off my t-shirt, he kissed down my chest making me moan and I tangled my hands in his hair 

"Cha-angbin Hyung, p-please...." 

"What did you just call me?" he stopped and looked at me pinning my hands above my head

"I'm s-sorry dad-dy I meant daddy," I said bucking my hips up earning a groan from him, he squeezed my thigh and I started to get painfully hard, he pulled my jeans down agonizingly slow 

"d-daddy please don't t-tease" he ran his fingertips over my thighs while he kissed my thighs dangerously close to my erection, I tugged at his t-shirt signalling for him to remove it, I stared at his chest making him blush softly 

"Yah don't stare at me like that, you look like you wanna eat me" he chuckled and removed his jeans, he wasn't wrong I did wanna eat something of his if you know what I mean. He started to grind against me making me moan and whimper I ran my nails down his back earning a groan from him

"daddy, please...... I need y-you" I pressed against him harder scratching my nails down his very toned back, he pulled me onto my knees and grabbed some rope from the cupboard and tied my hands behind my back, he pulled his boxers down revealing his erection and I crawled a little closer to him and started to kiss his erection, softly running my tongue against his tip

"F-fuck, Jisung if you keep teasing me like that you'll regret it"

I decided to keep teasing him curious to see what he would do, he pulled me up and threw me against the sofa without and warning he slammed into me 

"Daddy! oh god, don't stop!" I practically yelled, my legs started to shake from all the pleasure I started to get close I assumed he wasn't going to let me cum that easily. He started to slow down and I pulled him closer avoiding him from leaving me, I got close to his ear and started to whisper into his ear

"You're going to speed up and fuck me till I can't walk" 

"Y-yes, yes I will....WAIT! no stop hypnotizing me Jisung" he said he lent down and started to suck me off deepthroating me I started to get close again and he could tell 

"Daddy! daddy i-i'm clos-se!

Posted: 2020-03-09