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Some advice and tips on becoming a sex chat VR Camgirl (/CamPerson)

If you have never been a live Camgirl before then read the following for some information that will hopefully help you make the right decision and choices before becoming a VR Camgirl model.

Look at yourself and figure out the approach you want to take and how you want to entertain your audience as a VR Camgirl, don’t force yourself to be somebody you’re not! Take the following into consideration.

  1. What is your style like?
  2. What equipment do you own
  3. What goals do you want to achieve?
  4. Are you willing to do what it takes to be a successful sex chat VR CamGirl and fulfill your earning potential?

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Part I

Before you even start you need to decided who you are and what you really want to be and stick with it, consistency is key.

You don’t necessarily need to be yourself, you can of course have an alter ego, you can be a pixie, wonder woman, the incredible Hulk-Woman?! 😉 But what is really important is that you stick with the character you decide on, this is what people will come back for time and time again, it will be your bread and butter so to say.

Sticking with the chosen character doesn’t just mean you’re acting as any of the characters mentioned above but also your personality, do you want to be cute and giggly, or a tough motherf__er? Either way keep to it and don’t change! People will think you’re a faker if you decide to change just because one or two people get you to change yourself, and you probably won’t feel right inside if you change either. You’re not just there to entertain people, people will come back for a familiar person or character that they have grown to love and feel comfortable with, if you change that will put them off pretty instantly and they will go looking elsewhere.

Just to reiterate, there is nothing to stop you from NOT being yourself, and vice-versa, just stick with the persona that you have chosen.

Staying with consistency. You’ll probably be performing in your own room, how you decorate it is entirely up to you, it can be themed to match your character or more personal with your own items and pictures, but keep it real and don’t go changing it too often, again your viewers will appreciate the familiarity of the setting.

As well as keeping the trust of your viewers being consistent will help you gain their loyalty, this is incredibly important to keep them coming back.

Once the trust has been built you will create a following that will gradually get larger, and that is of course the entire intention when creating a VR CamGirl channel. The loyal viewers will also be the tippers, so make sure you look after them! Something that you’ll probably would not have considered is that due to gaining a larger audience you’ll probably come across someone that wants to help in other ways, some might be website designers or writers that can offer to help you with your website or CamGirl profile, if they’re nice enough they’ll probably do things like that for free or for a far smaller cost than one of their normal customers.

With the above taken on-board you’ll find life is made easier for you when getting into the process of the routine of being a CamGirl (or CamPerson should I say), it won’t be as stressful once you get into daily preparation for your job. Get your plans and ideas arranged for the day and just go for it! This process is common for many other jobs (I include myself in this, not as a CamPerson but my other jobs). Set the routine, stick to it and you’ll find the days go faster, you’ll enjoy the work and this will reflect on the people that will come back time and time again to watch you in VR or 2D.

Part II

Being unique is what will make you stand out from the crowd, somebody somewhere will just LOVE whomever you decide to be. Think about the things you’re interested in or have a talent for, it could be anything from a computer gaming character, cartoon character, a friend or foe from one of your favorite movies, just something or someone that resonates with you, someone you’re familiar with and will get you excited and in the mood for your performance. There is zero point in trying to become someone you either have no interest in or are just not keen on, your audience will spot this a mile away so just don’t even try.

Part III

You have limitations, find out what these are before diving into being a VR CamGirl, it could be something that you find you’re not enjoying or something that makes you feel out of your depth, this is not a pleasant experience so make sure if it does happen that you steer away from whatever it was and stay inside (mostly) your comfort-zone.

Just one example would be that maybe you’re entirely comfortable getting naked in-front of the camera (believe me there are plenty of CamGirls like this, they don’t even take their clothes off but entertain in many other ways). But you can use this as a bargaining tool, so let’s say under the right circumstances you will get naked for a certain viewer that’s really keen on you, you could offer to send a few photos or sample videos in return for tips or tokens, this is a bit of a tease but it’s your show and your rules, not all of your viewers just want to see the XXX stuff, you’ll be surprised that many viewers are pretty shy and might just be happy with a few samples and text chat, but you decided on the price and how to handle the situation, each of your viewers are different and will want different things.

Part IV

With VR the hardware requirements are different, you’ll need both a good Internet connection (Fiber Optic) a 3D camera to stream with and of course a computer or laptop. If you’re not tech savvy then ask a friend to help you get set up, you’ll need to make sure the video feed is solid, the resolution is good and the sound quality also good.

Your VR viewers in particular are going to notice that if any of the above are sub-standard then they will move onto the next CamGirl, FYI each and every VR CamGirl we link to have been tested with an Oculus Go and verified that the quality of the stream is excellent.

If you need assistance in getting the correct hardware then feel free to drop us a message on Twitter or Facebook (links are in the main menu at the top).

If you’re really struggling in any of the items mentions above then you can always put up an Amazon wish-list on your profile, one of your viewers may be happy to help out with that extra bit of kit you need.

Part V

Working smarter and not harder is the way forward, if there certain things you’re struggling with or take too much of your time each time you do a performance then you will struggle to enjoy the work as much, so make sure you are 100% prepared to blow your audience away each and every time. Managing your time is always important, you don’t want to set up a time for a live show only to be rushing right up until the last minute, make use of anything you can to help you be well prepared before you go live. Make sure you have your token tipping displayed on your profile, the last thing you need is people repeatedly asking ‘how much for…’, the less you need to answer any questions like that the better. Don’t forget to utilize websites, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram and so on, there are many ways to gain a larger audience prior to you going live with your VR Sex Chat show.

Hope you enjoyed the read! We are here to help if we can so don’t be afraid to send us a message via our Facebook page or Twitter. The above isn’t gospel so please just take it as some friendly advice, we will keep adding to the article and probably changing it as time goes on and the VR Sex Chat scene grows and changes, with that said 2019 should be a fantastic year to get into this type of work as many huge companies are releasing their own VR headsets. So do your homework, get prepared and knock your viewers for six. It should go without mentioning that if you sign up via us we will do whatever we can to help you grow and help you boost your audience.

Good luck CamPeople, see you in VR 😀 xx

Last but not least, if you have read all of the above and you’re ready to start making money by becoming a CamPerson in or out of VR…

Then GO FOR IT! 😀