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Sex Chat now available on the Oculus Quest!

GizmoVR player is now available for the Oculus Quest!

You can't install via the Oculus home shop but the process is fairly straight forward.

Installation Guide For Windows 10

Prerequisites - Go to Oculus Settings on your phone → Tap your headset which is shown in Settings → More settings → Developer mode → turn Developer Mode on


1) Connect your Oculus Quest via USB to your computer

Make sure ONLY the Oculus Quest is connected. If you have any other Android devices such as a smartphone or tablet connected then disconnect them.

2) Download the application zip file from GizmoVR's website

3) Extract the files somewhere onto your computer. Open the 'GizmoVR_Win' folder and run 'install.cmd'

4) When the installation begins, make sure USB debugging for your Oculus Quest is allowed inside it. It may ask you to grant access twice. In the installation window, it has to say “Success” before the phrase that the app has been installed, otherwise run "install.cmd" again

5) Unplugged the Oculus Quest from the USB.

6) In the headset open your library and select 'unknown sources'.

7) Find and run the 'GizmoVR' application (com.GizmoVR.Virtual.Reality.Videos.GearVR). 

Enjoy!! :D

If you need help then please use our contact form to get in touch. 

Posted: 2019-09-15

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