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Stripchat VR in the news

This article from the Scottish Sun newspaper discusses how live sex chat in VR is gaining popularity and momentum in the camgirl scene (although I guess camperson is more PC?).

The boss of Stripchat mentions how the experience in 180 stereoscopic (3D) VR is far more entertaining and even better than the real thing (some of us here tend to disagree but hey!). Rick says that sex chat in VR is "future of live entertainment", that we can agree on!

After the article talks about just how good live vr sex can be it also discusses that it could be a problem and possibly cause an impact on men and their ability to form and maintain a real and caring relationship.

There is research being done that could suggest pornography could cause impotency in men that use live vr porn (or just porn for that matter) too much, and with the advancements of live vr sex chat that problem could become worse.

We're on the fence as the team here both enjoy chatting live in VR to the sexy girls but also we all have steady loving relationships. On a similar vain there is ongoing research to see if people that play violent video games tend to become more violent themselves, there is no evidence to say that is the case.

Long term usage of VR sex chat could be a problem unless the couple decide where the boundaries are, should one or the other become more fixated with the live chat then yes it could be an issue but then doesn't that sound like the relationship could of been heading into trouble anyway, we don't believe sex chat could be the catalyst for relationship problems.

It's great to see Stripchat in VR getting some attention and we're positive that's only start becoming more commonplace this year with the release of the newer headsets and current vr headsets falling in price.

Posted: 2019-02-22

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