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You wait all year for a headset..

Oculus Quest!

It's official! The Oculus Quest headset is now available for pre-order! The Quest is the third headset in the VR headset lineup from Facebook. Unlike the Oculus Rift, it has no cables, unlike the Oculus Go it has six degrees of freedom (6Dof).

The 64GB version will set you back €449, the 128GB version €549, both include free shipping if purchased via Oculus themselves. The headsets are both aimed toward gamers but like the Oculus Go, the Quest will also allow content to be side-loaded (untrusted third-party content via USB).

We expect that 6Dof CGI porn games will be a thing this year and we can't wait to see what homegrown content will be available once the headsets are in the developer's hands. Anyone who preordered on day one should have their's arrive at the end of May or early June. You can check out an Oculus Quest review by Tested on Youtube.

Valve Index!

aaaand it's official! Blimey, another headset! Valve announced their new headset called Index. Aside from higher resolution and a great form-factor, it boasts a pretty amazing 144Hz display. So we have the potential of watching VR porn at 144Fps and that is going to be amazing!

It comes at a fairly hefty price tag though, not even including a PC the entire kit will set you back around $1000 for the headset, controllers and base station. We don't know how it will pan out between these two leaders but we're just happy to see the competition still healthy and pushing VR to the max. You can check out a review by Tested with the Valve Index on Youtube.

This year is going to be great for VR porn, and gaming, and we love both!! :D

Posted: 2019-05-01

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